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Mammographic cassette
X-Ray cassette with ID window

Our X-Ray cassettes and screens deliver sharp images and capture the maximum diagnostic information.



Perfect film-screen contact, outstanding durability, light weight but with strong corners, locks, and hinges. Superb image clarity on account of the product design and precision manufacturing techniques. Minimum patient dose.



Our X-Ray intensifying screens, using newest technology, are compatible with all conventional films and designed to improve the overall quality of the X-ray image. Each screen provides outstanding contrast, detail perception, and reduction in X-ray dosage with a low tube voltage.

Available as green and blue emitting. Speed classes 100 - 800 


Cassettes & Screens comply with the council directive 93 / 42 / EEC and follow CE4090 guidelines.



Our Standard Grids, Digital Grids and Bucky Grids help medical professionals making accurate diagnoses, by dramatically improving image contrast. This is achieved by absorbing scattered rays while maintaining the optimum transmission of primary radiation.

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