Film Viewers

Film viewers are an important element in a process of radiological diagnosis. A high quality of the viewer is a decisive factor for successful radiological diagnosis.

Poor quality of the viewer may be an obstacle making impossible proper diagnosis inspite of the use of advanced X-ray equipment and good knowledge and experience of the physician.


We offer:

• One-row X- ray film viewers

• Two-row X- ray film viewers

• Multiframe X- ray film viewers

• Viewers for operation rooms

• X- rayfilm viewers for mammograms

• Dentalfilm viewers for mammograms



We offer viewers either with or without luminance adjustment, also in

high-frequency version.


Our LED X–ray film viewers, are an ultra-modern line of X-ray film viewing devices.

X–ray film viewers manufactured in LED technology exceed X- ray film viewers in CCFL, PLL, TFT or TLD technologies in all fundamental parameters, such as:value of luminance intensity, uniformity of screen luminance and operating costs(lifetime and energy consumption).


The LED X-ray viewers conform the standards EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-1-2

(safety and EMC of medical equipment).





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