Radiation Shielding Glass / Lead Glass




Protective Lead Glass

made in EU


Premium quality radiation shielding glass protecting against X-rays in the range of 80 to 300 kV. Due to its high content of barium and lead the glass provides an optimum protection against ionizing radiation. Excellent visual clarity and optica ltransparency. Supplied as polished plate with ground edges.


Applicable as viewing windows for X-ray, angiography rooms, CT scans.


Available in larger dimensions by laminating smaller panes.


If thicknesses are required which are not covered by the monolithic glass, higher lead equivalents can be achieved through the laminating of several glasses by using PVB interlayers.


Our radiation shielding glass can be manufactured with holes, cutouts, miters or coatings.


Even further processing as insulation glass (double glazing) is possible which – as a specialty – can be supplied with built-in reversible blinds. Due to those blinds the privacy of the patient is preserved, but in the same time the clinic personal can have eye contact to the patient.


We also supply special radiation shielding glass protecting against stronger radiation sources like gamma rays such as in the nuclear medicine.


Our lead glass meets the following standards:

DIN 6841, BS 4031 und II 3701. IEC 61331-1:2002, BS EN 61331-2:2002, BS4031:1996, JIS Z 4501, JIS R 3701.

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