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The medical and electric Quality Acceptance Test (QA) and Quality Checks (QC) dosimetry products we distribute are manufactured in strict accordance with valid international standards.


Our product line includes equipment and test objects for Quality Checks (QC) and Quality Acceptance Test (QA) of:


Diagnostic Radiology (MAM,RAD/FLU/DENT/CT/DSA )

Personal dose meters, kVp meters, multi-meters, dose meters for Patient dosimetry and absolute dosimetry and test objects for quality checks (QC) and quality acceptance tests (QA) of Radiographic, Fluoroscopic, Mammographic, Dental, DSA and CT installations including phantoms.

Additionally, sensitometers and densitometers are available to check the quality of the film processing independently from X-ray units. The QC sets include the basic test instruments. Further test tools are available for checking the focal spot size, image resolution, screen-film contact and the image quality of image display devices and film viewers.


Radiation Therapy

Medical physics in radiation therapy includes a number of different measuring and quality control tasks.


Absolute Dosimetry

Presents dose meters, electrometers, radiation detectors and calibration phantoms for absolute calibrated dosimetry.


Patient and Brachytheraphy Dosimetry 

Presents in-vivo dosimeters for direct patient dosimetry during treatment and medical physics equipment for brachytherapy dosimetry.


TBA Therapy Beam Analysis 

Presents automatic measuring equipment for dose distribution measurement and analysis of therapy beams.


Quality Control

Presents test equipment for various quality control procedures.


Nuclear Medicine (PET/SPECT)

Isotope calibrators assist responsible staff in nuclear medicine laboratories to perform precise activity measurements and to fulfill the IRCP 60 requirement to keep the radiation load as low as achievable for patients.



The medical products are CE marked in accordance with the European Medical Device Directive MDD and have the 510 (k) approval of the FDA, USA (if applicable).


They comply with the valid IEC standards within their defined range of use.


IEC60601-1 Medical electrical equipment – General requirements for safety


IEC60601-2-9 Medical electrical equipment – Particular requirements for the safety of patient contact dose meters used in radiation therapy with electrically connected radiation detectors


IEC60731 Medical electrical equipment – Dose meters with ionization chambers as used in radiotherapy


IEC61674 Medical electrical equipment – Dose meters with ionization chambers and/or semiconductor detectors as used in X-ray diagnostic imaging.


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